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Aaron Fredrick

Occupational Therapist

I like to engage with kids primarily through play and try to make “work” fun.

Share more about your role with 321Go Kids. I work with kids to help them develop fine motor skills, improve self- care abilities, establish behavior regulation habits, and meet sensory needs.

Who inspires you in your profession? I’ve been a therapist since 2015. I knew I wanted to pursue an OT career from the first time I shadowed an OT in 2012. This OT cared very much for her clients and approved therapy like a puzzle to be solved. I'm also inspired by my co-workers and learn from them every day in how to inspire and motivate kids.

What is your favorite way to engage with kids? I love to teach, and I’m fascinated with the impact of participating in normal, but very meaningful, activities. Removing limitations to this can significantly improve quality of life.

Tell us about a challenge that you watched a child overcome. Often a kid, or even an adult, is capable of more than they believe they are. I enjoy celebrating with kids when they overcome a challenge.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? For fun I like to play music and sing songs with my wife, walk the neighborhood, golf, play board games, host dinners with friends, and… oddly enough… basic plumbing and electrical work and fixing things around the house.

Anything else that you’d like to share? In my mid-20s, I was a little bit adventuresome and somehow came upon the idea of riding my bicycle from Indiana to California ending at the coast in San Francisco. Every night I would camp in parks or off the road in the mountains or desert of Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, and every day I would keep riding. When I ask my wife if she would like to do this sometime, she says she would love to, as long as she can drive behind me and stay in hotels at night.

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