Boys are generally happiest playing in the dirt, making a mess, and playing with kids their own age. Risa began to notice her son, Alex, didn’t act like most little boys. He began showing signs of sensory issues, didn’t play well with others, had trouble following directions, and struggled with self-coping. Risa was searching for support and new ideas on how to help Alex when she reached out to 321go Kids.

The therapists at 321go Kids worked alongside Risa to help Alex work through the problems he faced. Courtney, Occupational Therapist Assistant, geared his therapy sessions around fun sensory experiences to help Alex overcome avoidance behaviors.

“A win with Alex was always great because we did it through play,” she explained. “Sometimes he would be having so much fun he wouldn’t process the negative sensory experiences and would continue playing!”

To continue working through Alex’s sensory processing disorder, the team at 321go Kids tried many times to get him to work with shaving cream. Each time he would decline the offer, not enjoying the way it felt glopped all over his hands. Once, however, he surprised everyone by finally touching the shaving cream. They were so proud of him… they high fived resulting in the shaving cream splattering everywhere.

“We were covered in shaving cream by the end of that therapy session,” Risa said. “It was such a glorious moment as his mom!”

For physical therapy sessions, Alex was determined to play baseball at least once. Lexi, Physical Therapy Assistant, made it happen. She used sensory pads as bases and a huge logroll as a bat. Alex was laughing and running around barefoot, completely forgetting about his sensory issues for the short time.

“321go Kids teaches parents to be the biggest supporters,” Risa continued to explain. “And show examples of what to do for our kids.”

Alex continued making progress through his therapy sessions. When it was finally time to end his sessions, his successes were significant. Alex can now find ways to tell his mother what his body and mind needs and can self-cope. Risa is at peace as she watches her son thrive.

“Don’t walk. Don’t wait. Run. Run to 321go Kids if you have any concern with your child,” Risa stressed. “They don’t let kids or families fail. They gave Alex so much more than PT and OT- they gave him love.”

If you think your child might need therapy, contact 321go Kids at 765-591-4190. Our team wants to help you find peace knowing your child is thriving.

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