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321go Kids provides comprehensive pediatric therapy from birth to 18 years of age, engaging a child at his or her level. Our
team of therapists will tailor a program to meet your child’s specific needs, challenging the traditional therapy models and helping
your child meet his or her full potential.

Helping your baby overcome developmental delays

We put your mind at ease by making an appointment for an evaluation. If your baby will benefit from therapy, we’ll work alongside you to meet your child’s needs. Our approach to therapy will help you feel confident about your ability to help your child overcome developmental delays. No physician referral is required for the first 24 days of treatment in Physical Therapy.

Serving children with special needs in a kid-friendly, family-focused environment

Our heart is centered on serving families with special needs children. The 321go Kids staff and volunteers are trained to serve the emotional and physical needs of children with all disabilities. We have advanced equipment to help your child gain strength and mobility, including a LiteGait (partial weight-bearing system), indoor suspension equipment, pediatric treadmill and much more.

Working with the child who’s recovering from a sports injury or traumatic illness

When your child is recovering from an injury or illness, our pediatric therapists will guide them toward his or her unique potential using methods that look and feel like play. We'll provide incentives for your child to advance through their therapy sessions and reach his or her functioning level... and perhaps even beyond... Learn More

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