Alyse at play

Five-year-old Alyse loves playing with her big brothers Eric and Austin. But when her brothers used to go outside and play, Alyse was more of a spectator than participant. She couldn’t walk.

“It was hard at first,” shared Alicia, Alyse’s mom. “She was diagnosed when she was 2, but therapy helped a lot. She was getting the help she needed and we got to know different families going through the same thing.”

Alyse’s therapy at 321go Kids includes progressive sessions, mixed with Family Phases when her family continues her therapy exercises at home. It was during one of those phases that Alyse’s hard work in therapy prepared her to begin walking.

“She just went full force and started walking on her own, and now it’s her main way of getting around,” Alicia said. “We can take her outside and she can do more things outside. She loves to play ball.”

Alyse worked on self-feeding with the help of her occupational therapist, Dusti. When Dusti first started working with her, Alyse would throw food and the utensil unless directed otherwise, and any transition led to a disaster.

“Alyse has come a long way,” noted Dusti. “We used various savory strategies and Alyse has decreased all negative behaviors and is feeding herself with a spoon. She is smiling, engaging, and taking an interest in feeding herself.”

One way Dusti and Alyse connect is through music. Dusti and Alyse sing together to help bring a sense of calm to each therapy session.

“Alyse is a constant celebration,” Dusti expressed. “For her family, the win was less negative behaviors at meal time and enjoying Alyse’s ability to engage in this family activity. She truly surprised Brett (321go Kids founder) and I the day she was super-engaged and called us both by our names.”

Through 321go Kids, the Coomers connected with Victory Lane Camp and went to Bradford Woods as a family last summer. Alyse enjoyed the zip line, and was one of the youngest participants to take on that challenge.

Another helpful connection they’ve gained is with Midwest Orthotics. Alyse uses braces with bungees attached as part of a study with Midwest Orthotics. The family was driving to Richmond for orthotic appointments and is now able to have these appointments in the 321go Kids clinic, which is more convenient.

The staff at 321go Kids always look forward to Alyse’s visits. According to Dusti, “She is truly a blessing.”

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