Three years ago, Aurelia began therapy at 321go Kids with the goal of gaining independence. Her mom, Elizabeth, had hopes of Aurelia developing the motivation to “go.” Fast-forward to the present, and Aurelia is meeting her goals with much enthusiasm.

“Aurelia has become motivated to do things on her own and can now step up small steps with assistance,” Diann Nichols, Physical Therapy Assistant, explained. “Aurelia has been very interested in walking and has been able to decrease the amount of support she requires to balance.”

While at therapy sessions, Aurelia loves to sing I’m a Little Teapot and perform the dance moves that accompany. She is growing into a bit of a jokester, always playing jokes on her Occupational Therapist, Aaron.

“One of her favorite jokes is to slyly roll crayons off the table when no one is looking,” Aaron noted. “I have started placing a box for the crayons to roll into at the side of the table. She was stunned when she realized she was actually helping clean up!”

Aurelia loves to celebrate her wins by waving her arms, laughing, shaking toys, and making as much noise as possible. Each appointment she keeps getting stronger and making progress towards independence.

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