Driving an hour round-trip to therapy appointments wasn’t how Benjamin and Elizabeth wanted to spend their family’s time. But until arranging for a wheelchair through NuMotion, they thought that was the only option for extended therapy for their daughter Aurelia. The team at NuMotion told them about 321go Kids Rehab, located much closer to them in New Castle, Indiana. As a result, they’ve saved hours of time each month, and Aurelia has made a new friend.

“Our goal for Aurelia’s therapy has always been to prepare her to be as independently functioning as she can and to allow her to be better able to interact with her same aged peers as much as possible,” explained Elizabeth. They continue to see positive impacts from Aurelia’s time in therapy. “The staff is great. She enjoys going and interacting with everyone.”

In addition to her increased interaction, four-year-old Aurelia has been standing for extended periods of time, independently moving from sitting to standing, walking with assistance, and touching things like rice and noodles. She also enjoys Itsy, Bitsy, Spider, swinging, and praise.

Therapist Dusti describes her as “full of life” and fondly remembers watching Aurelia light up when her therapy friend, Brody enters the room. “When they are having therapy at the same time, the engagement often increased when Brody was around. It was fun to involve Brody in treatment. They loved swinging together,” shared Dusti.

Aurelia’s mother, Elizabeth has also witnessed the friendship between Aurelia and Brody. She described, “she always gets very excited to see him, and she loves to watch him work. Whenever she gets to interact with him, her eyes always light up and she gets a huge smile.”

The impact therapy has had on Aurelia is obvious to her family through the strides she has taken and the friendship she has formed. Do you know a child that could benefit from the friendship approach of 321go? Contact us at FAX (765) 381-1200 or Phone (765) 591-4190.

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