Pam Chew knew her son Daxton needed additional occupational therapy services outside of what he was receiving at school. The school was helping Daxton with fine motor issues, but he struggled with ongoing digestive issues that required myofascial release and massage.

Daxton began working with Lindsay Millikan, occupational therapist assistant at 321go Kids. Lindsay was immediately impressed by Daxton’s upbeat attitude.

“Daxton has been very tolerant of the—at sometimes invasive—therapy,” Lindsay noted. “During our sessions he will talk at length about the family’s Google ‘Alexa,’ how school is going, and what his family has been recently up to. He regularly tells me how much he enjoys coming to therapy and always has a big smile on his face.”

Through 20 sessions of therapy, Pam began to see tremendous improvement in Daxton’s digestive issues. The team also gave the Chew family a plan for working with Daxton post-therapy.

Lindsay shared that Daxton wanted to engage with therapy and was proud to show her how well he could massage his own belly. He would often blow bubbles during therapy sessions, challenging Lindsay and the family care specialist to pop the bubbles.

“He would tell us ‘good job’ if we popped one but was quick to tell us ‘you missed it… you lose!’ when we missed one,” Lindsay relayed.

Pam found that Daxton didn’t see therapy as a chore, but rather a positive, fun place to play. He was always excited to come to therapy.

“The staff at 321go Kids have a great rapport with the children they serve and their families,” Pam expressed. “It is very kid-centered and they find ways to make connections with all who enter.”

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