People don’t necessarily need to share heritage in order to feel like a family. When Theresis began searching for therapy clinics for her son, Demetrius, she didn’t expect the search to lead her forty minutes from their home. However, when 321go Kids invited them into a family environment, she knew her son would thrive there.

“From the very beginning we have felt welcome and accepted,” Theresis explained. “Demetrius loves his therapy appointments.”

Demetrius needed occupational therapy to assist with his abilities to feed and dress himself with the overall goal of him becoming more independent. During his time at therapy, he worked closely with Aaron, Occupational Therapist, and Courtney, Occupational Therapy Assistant. Another important goal for Demetrius was to “look” at items while placing them where they belong, rather than relying on his touch. Throughout his sessions he was able to display improved visual attention along with strides towards independence.

“During his sessions, Demetrius would teach me how to celebrate his success,” Aaron noted. “When he did something correctly, he would reach for my wrists and help me clap. Demetrius would beam with joy as we clapped and cheered for his accomplishments.”

Regardless of the extra driving time it took to get her son to his appointments, Theresis knew 321go Kids was the perfect fit for Demetrius.

“The process they use for treatments is extremely effective,” Theresis added. “Once you meet the 321go family, you’ll know it’s where you belong!”

If you think your child might be in need of physical or occupational therapy, contact 321go Kids at 765-591-4190.

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