Managing life with infant twins and their siblings was a challenge for Tim and Hannah, but it wasn’t long before they were met with a greater challenge. They noticed one of the twins, Emerson, wasn’t reaching his developmental milestones as quickly as his twin brother. When their pediatrician recommended physical therapy, Tim and Hannah became concerned because their first experience with therapy wasn’t ideal.

Their daughter received occupational therapy at a facility that didn’t involve the family in therapy sessions. They didn’t have time to discuss goals or expectations with her therapist. They wanted a different experience for Emerson, so they reached out to 321go Kids. Within a week they were able to have an evaluation with Brett, Physical Therapist. Shortly after the evaluation, they began their first package of sessions.

“Our goals concerning Emerson’s therapy were we wanted to be in an environment where both Emerson and us as parents felt comfortable,” Hannah explained. “We wanted to see Emerson reach those developmental milestones that he had fallen behind on. We were also looking for a place that clearly communicated the goals and expectations with us.”

From the beginning of Emerson’s therapy sessions, there was a world of difference from their previous therapy experience. He quickly formed a love for “Miss Diann,” Physical Therapist Assistant, and the big green exercise ball. When Emerson would arrive for his appointments he would immediately begin chanting, “ball, ball!” He knew therapy time meant quality time with all of the balls.

“My favorite moment with Emerson is the first time we put him on the ‘wiggle machine,’ a machine that aids in balance and coordination,” Physical Therapy Assistant Lexie explained. “Once he realized how funny the machine made his voice sound, he did not stop making noises until the activity was over. He had a blast wiggling around and his dad loved watching him.”

Emerson enjoyed having an audience during his sessions. He fed off the excitement of people clapping for him and saying what a big boy he was. This enthusiasm helped celebrate even the smallest wins during his therapy appointments.

Once Emerson was dismissed from therapy, it was bittersweet. Even though his family was happy he was finally reaching his milestones, they would miss bringing him back to 321go Kids. The family had formed bonds with the staff and loved that they were so willing to invest so much time into their child. It was exactly the type of therapy experience Tim and Hannah were hoping their child would have.

“Before starting therapy, Emerson was falling very behind his brother developmentally. He was unable to roll over, sit up, or even walk. He was content to just stay in one place,” Tim noted. “After his therapy treatment was over he was all over the place! Emerson was able to not only walk but also run and climb. Now he is keeping Mommy and Daddy on our toes!”

If you feel like your child is falling behind, don’t wait to get help. Make an appointment or reach out to our team at 321go Kids so we can keep your child on track for meeting those important milestones.

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