Experiencing Milestones Through Feeding Therapy

Damon, pediatric speech therapy patient, with his family

Damon was born prematurely at 28 weeks and 5 days. He had difficulty taking liquids orally since birth. Beginning in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), he needed a feeding tube and started undergoing various tests, including a swallow study. Following these assessments, the NICU suggested that the family take Damon to 321go Kids for therapy services. Damon’s parents knew the importance of helping him get the nutrition he needed to grow. They actively sought the services of 321go Kids to help Damon gain the ability to eat and drink.

When he began therapy two months ago, Damon barely consumed one ounce of milk per feeding, whereas most babies his age consume 6 to 8 ounces. Damon began feeding therapy with Emily, a Speech-Language Pathologist at 321go Kids. Speech therapy encompasses both speech and feeding therapy.

Parental Support at Home Leads to Success

Emily and Damon’s mom, Robyn, worked together to help Damon with feeding. The initial goal was to increase the amount of liquids he consumes and encourage multiple feedings daily. They experimented with varying temperatures and textures to find what Damon preferred. Robyn diligently tracked his ounces and incorporated therapy techniques at home until they discovered a method that worked. Damon recently transitioned to using a honey bear cup, which has proven successful. This cup is particularly beneficial for babies who are struggling to suck and who are learning how to use a straw.

Robyn recalled that Damon used to scream when anyone put a pacifier in his mouth. She shared this heartening update about Damon’s progress at 321go Kids:

“During the second session, he allowed Emily to put a pacifier in his mouth and move it around, even chewing on it. Therapy has helped him so much.”

Within just two months at 321go Kids, Damon made remarkable progress. He transitioned from not taking anything orally to consuming three ounces of liquids during feedings. This is an incredible achievement, and Damon is thriving and developing, receiving essential nutrients for his growth. His parents’ strong support and involvement at home have been crucial to his success.

Emily remarked, “A lot of his success comes from mom and dad working hard with him at home. They’ve taken the skills learned here in the session and are applying it at home. Once he can consistently take four ounces a day, he’ll be able to have his feeding tube removed.”

At 321go Kids, the focus is on the child rather than their diagnosis. Damon’s story beautifully exemplifies the motto of “Discover hope, unleash potential,” which aims to bring out the best in every child. Do you know a parent with a child who struggles with eating and drinking? Ask them to complete our contact form at 321goKids.com

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