When Joe was nine months old, his family didn’t know if he would ever walk or talk. Unsure of his future-- but certain of his need for therapy-- his mom, Amy, took him to see Brett and continued therapy with him through the opening of 321go Kids.

“I wanted Joe to have the best quality of life and use of his arms, hands, and legs,” Amy shared. “His physical abilities affect his mental health, too.” Over time, Joe mastered both walking and talking. He steadily progressed through the years, thanks in large part to his hard work.

“Joe is such a hard worker and even thinks of ways to make therapy more challenging,” Brett described. “While working on a back-strengthening exercise, Joe said, ‘You know this exercise would make me work harder if my arms were on a ball instead of a bench.” This drive and determination has helped Joe accomplish great growth through therapy.

Joe’s work ethic doesn’t stop with his approach to therapy. Joe, whose family was unsure if he’d be able to walk, is now a part of his school’s cross country team. Amy described his first meet: “He didn’t think I was going to make it to his first meet, but I surprised him and ran along with him to cheer at different points. He pushed through the whole two miles without stopping once! I scooped him up and spun around with him. It was amazing!”

After beginning therapy with uncertainty years ago, Joe is thriving. When he began, he didn’t have full range of motion in his right arm, but now he can lift his arm above his head and open and close his hand. Amy expressed, “We wouldn’t be where we are without 321go. Their guidance-- from at home exercises to the care they provide at the facility-- all have helped get Joe to the level of ability he is at today!”

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