A world of uncertainty was set into motion for Jalena and her family when her newborn baby boy Johnston was diagnosed with congenital myopathy. The hospital told Jalena that he would need therapy and gave her the name of a therapy provider. However, the long wait list for Johnston to receive services concerned Jalena. Thankfully, she heard about 321go Kids and was able to get her son in right away for therapy.

When Johnston first came to 321go Kids, he couldn’t roll over or grasp toys. He wasn’t able to sit or even make the sweet baby noises that his brother Judson made at that age.

“Johnston disliked being moved around a lot,” noted Diann, Physical Therapy Assistant. “Each time I would turn him to his belly, he would fuss and cry.”

The therapy team at 321go Kids worked alongside Jalena and even involved big brother and “comic-relief-provider” Judson in sessions.

Diann recalls the first time Johnston rolled over: “The whole clinic came over to watch and clap for him. Johnston looked at all of us as if he couldn’t figure out what the big deal was.”

When adding speech-language therapy into the schedule, Daniel, Speech-Language Pathologist, gave Johnston a block of ice in a cup. Johnston enjoyed the sensory experience and sucking up the water.

The “big deal” successes continued at home. Johnston could soon sit at his family’s table in his high chair, experimenting with different baby foods, wafers and juices.

“This is a win in itself!” noted Daniel.

Jalena shares that Johnston can now talk, sit, roll over, and grasp toys.

“I appreciate the personal care they take of Johnston. I also appreciate the value they place on family and good character traits,” Jalena said of the 321go Team. “From the first day, they have embraced our family. They are consistent, caring, patient, and considerate of our family and schedule.”

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