Lincoln began therapy at 321go Kids as the first vision client of therapist Dusti. By walking through the therapy journey and earning prizes along the way, twelve-year-old Lincoln has been working to overcome his vision challenges.

Dusti worked with Lincoln’s family to establish the goal of helping Lincoln’s eyes to converge and track together. The hope was that this would help his learning and comprehension as well as with storing information in his long-term memory.

“At first Lincoln was super-frustrated because he struggled to do the exercises, but his eyes were strengthened. He became super-excited about the challenge of the exercises and his confidence grew as he was successful,” explained Lincoln’s mom, Michelle.

As Lincoln’s hard work both in therapy and at home continued, Dusti saw that hard work making a difference in his development. She shared, “He really did a great job of following his home programs. He made quick progress and showed determination. I enjoyed watching him grow and his excitement over 3D stereograms.”

Dusti worked to keep Lincoln engaged by using a variety of treatment strategies that included computer games. “The more challenged Lincoln was, the more determination he demonstrated. I’m really proud of his accomplishments,” explained Dusti.

Through his time at therapy and hard work and determination, Lincoln’s eyes are now able to hold convergence. His school work is no longer as difficult for him to accomplish. Michelle has seen Lincoln’s growth and improvement from his time at 321go Kids and is thankful for the experience and the hope that they gained from attending therapy at 321go Kids. She expressed, “It’s a place that brings hope to your situation, and they are so supportive and easy to work with.”

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