Cara expected the first few months of her infant daughter’s life to be filled with laughter and lullabies and the normal strain that comes with adding a second child to the home. What she didn’t expect was a diagnosis that would challenge baby Oaklyn’s development.

When Cara took Oaklyn to the pediatrician for a routine one-month check-up, she found out her daughter had torticollis, a condition that causes an infant’s neck to tilt. In order to prevent developmental delays, the pediatrician’s office suggested that Cara do neck stretches with Oaklyn.

“We honestly felt like we didn’t know what we were doing,” she expressed. “As a parent I wanted Oaklyn to be able to meet developmental milestones without her head tilt holding her back.”

When the pediatrician’s office referred the family to 321go Kids, the team at 321go evaluated Oaklyn and started therapy within two weeks.

When Oaklyn started her appointments with 321go Kids, she struggled with holding her head in proper alignment. She had digestive issues and wasn’t gaining weight in her first few weeks.

Oaklyn had a great support system, especially her older brother Parker who would join in and help with therapy sessions when needed. Parker would sing to Oaklyn when she would get fussy which calmed her down quickly. Parker was proud he could make his sister giggle and loved being a part of her therapy success.

“Oaklyn began to make quick progress due to mom’s diligence in sticking to the home exercise program,” noted Diann, Physical Therapy Assistant. “Cara was always asking questions and ensuring she was doing each exercise and activity properly. She was very confident in doing the exercises at home.”

While Cara felt it was difficult to push Oaklyn outside of her comfort zone, the results Oaklyn experienced made the perseverance worthwhile. Since therapy has concluded, Oaklyn can look in any direction and consistently hold her head in proper alignment. This led to her crawling and having fewer digestive problems. As a result, she was not behind in her expected developmental milestones.

“321go Kids helped us tremendously,” Cara exclaimed. “We are so thankful for the guidance they provided.”

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