Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Growth Through Occupational Therapy

Cam works with occupational therapy assistant.

As Cameron reached age two, his growth and development seemed to diverge from the expected milestones for children his age, raising concerns for his family. He was nonverbal; instead, he would scream to communicate and wouldn’t respond to someone talking to him. Cameron’s grandmother, Terrie, shared these concerns with his doctor, who recommended therapy services at 321go Kids.

While most children develop problem-solving skills at six months, Cameron didn’t have these abilities, even though he was a toddler. Engaging in purposeful activities and using his imagination proved challenging. He also struggled with expressing his needs and wants and lacked fine motor skills such as scribbling on paper and placing items in containers.

Cameron received occupational, physical, and speech therapy to aid his mobility and speech. Abby, his 321go Kids Occupational Therapy Assistant, worked with Cameron, focusing on emotional regulation and incorporating intention, problem-solving, and purpose into his activities. Initially, Abby’s focus was on activities that required Cameron to sit still and be calm, such as shape-sorting and other seated activities aimed at skill development.

Both Abby and Terrie noticed a difference in Cameron as his therapy progressed.

“I know exactly how much he’s changed, how much he does, and what he feels. I can not just see it, but he tells me and lets me know. And that’s something he wasn’t able to do before,” said Terrie, referring to Cameron’s progress.

Abby mentioned that Cameron now uses his voice and words to communicate and express opinions, which is a result of speech therapy. After two years of occupational therapy, Cameron learned handwriting, applies problem-solving skills daily, and is emotionally expressive by showing affection. He performs self-care tasks such as brushing his teeth. Physically, he engages in activities like jumping and climbing, showcasing less fear and more confidence.

Abby shared, “My favorite memory is the first time we were doing something, and he needed my help—I wasn’t looking directly at him, and he said ‘Abby’ for the first time, and I almost cried. It was purposeful, he knew what he wanted, and he was able to ask for help.”

Cameron’s ongoing occupational therapy at 321go Kids focuses on improving self-regulation, behavioral management, coordination abilities, and speech development, aiming to enhance his communication skills. As he grows, Cameron demonstrates the “Discover hope, unleash potential” motto 321go Kids strives for.

“I thank God for 321go Kids and what they’ve done for him,” Terrie expressed. “Everyone there is amazing. I know what they’ve done for him because I see it every day.”

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