It’s a normal occurrence for a small child to have an occasional meltdown. For Shotzy though, the meltdowns were daily and his ability to communicate his emotions was nonexistent. His mom, Brooke, began to worry when he wasn’t developing his speech at the rate a three-year-old should be. After suspecting he might be on the autism spectrum, Brooke reached out to 321go Kids to seek help for Shotzy.

After Shotzy was diagnosed with autism, therapy sessions began in full swing. Brooke’s biggest concern was that he was unable to communicate to others what he wanted and could not soothe himself after a meltdown. Courtney, Occupational Therapist, worked with Shotzy diligently to get his language and emotional control to a place where he could manage them.

“I really didn’t know what I was looking for at first when I reached out to 321go Kids,” Brooke explained. “Everyone here is so nice and helpful with getting Shotzy where he should be developmentally. Courtney is firm enough to keep him on track, yet gentle and makes him feel comfortable.”

Therapy sessions were just what Shotzy needed to break him out of his shell. Before his sessions began, he was unable to relate to children his own age, or even participate in activities he didn’t enjoy. After a short time with Courtney, he was successful in his therapy sessions and able to control his emotions and meltdowns.

“Since he started therapy, Shotzy’s speech has exploded,” Brooke noted. “He’s not as withdrawn and is much more confident. We were in a waiting room recently and he approached a kid his age and asked if he could play with him. This was the first time he’s ever initiated play with someone he didn’t know.”

Shotzy is now able to tell his mom what he needs most of the time and occasionally self-soothes after a meltdown. He plays and associates with kids his age any chance he gets. Brooke’s awareness of Shotzy’s need for therapy has impacted his life for the better.

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