Our 321go Kids Team

We are a group of adults who love to celebrate your family! Our passion is you and your family.
We invite you on the journey of becoming a part of the 321go Community.

Josh Whitaker

Family Care Specialist

I love to engage with kids by getting down to their level and just have fun.

What do you appreciate about your work with 321go Kids? The biggest thing I like about my job is the ability to help people. Whether it be to offer some advice as a parent myself of three 321go kids or helping them figure out the schedule and getting the assistance they need.

What is your favorite way to engage with kids? I try to get down to their level and just have fun.

Where else have you worked? Primarily in the past I have worked in all the different areas of retail from sales and management, to running warehouses and deliveries. I got my first chance working with kids as a In-school suspension teacher (yeah I was everybody’s favorite teacher).

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? My family and I love to camp and spend time together. Simple things like that. I personally love to do woodworking I have building all kinds of things like wooden American flags. I like taking nothing to something and all the steps in between.

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