Our 321go Kids Team

We are a group of adults who love to celebrate your family! Our passion is you and your family.
We invite you on the journey of becoming a part of the 321go Community.

Paige Fischer


I have the opportunity to recruit and hire our amazing staff. Additionally, I share our 321go story with the community. This is fun and energizing for me.

Share more about your role with 321go Kids. I have the awesome privilege to recruit, hire and train our amazing staff. Our staff is family to us—which means we take very special care in the hiring of our team. In addition, I am out in the community letting people know what 321go Kids is all about. I have the opportunity to connect with mom groups, adoption and fostering agencies, doctors’ offices and other community organizations working with children who have special needs.

What do you enjoy about working at 321go Kids? My background is in Exercise Science, Wellness and Health Promotion. Through my studies, I realized how much I enjoy being around people. My role in 321Go allows me to meet a lot of people and create an environment that is joyful and health-focused.

Who inspires you in your profession? My relationship with Jesus Christ is what directs and inspires me. His love for me gives me the compassion I have for others, to see them know the full potential of their lives.

Where else have you worked? While in graduate school I was the graduate assistant for Fitness for the Ball State University Rec Program. I had the opportunity to oversee 46 classes a week and 30 college instructors. It involved leading them in the latest fitness trends, customer service, and BSU’s culture. After graduating with my Master’s in Health Promotion and Wellness Management, I transitioned into Community Health Education at Reid Hospital for a couple of years before going into youth ministry with Young Life of Henry County. Up until a couple of years ago, I homeschooled our four kids.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I love studying the Bible. It is fun and intriguing to study the Greek and Hebrew along with the history of a passage and see how I can learn and change from that. Spending time with my husband and kids is HUGE for me. I am a wife and mom and LOVE it! I have taught aerobics for 24 years (wow, did I really just say that?) and still enjoy this aspect of my life.

Anything else that you’d like to share? Many people do not know that Brett and I met as summer camp counselors while in college. It was our love of working with kids that has steered us in the directions we have taken: Adoption, Victory Lane Camp and 321go Kids. We enjoy working together and pouring into other families.

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