The Value of Rest and Recovery

Rest. In today’s culture of constant activity and year-round sports, it seems counter-intuitive to present rest as a way to care for a young athlete’s body. According to Lexie, Athletic Trainer with 321go Kids, the trend of children playing year-round sports has led to an increase in injuries occurring at earlier ages.

Children’s bodies were not designed for constant, repetitive, intense activity, especially when they are trying to grow and develop. Activity is good, but there needs to be a break from the intensity of organized sports. Lexie recommends a minimum of one rest day per week for children and a minimum of one month off per year from sports.

“This time off gives their bodies the ability to recover and grow without the intensity of exercise and possible injuries often accompanied by sports,” Lexie shares.

It’s still important for kids to stay active in other ways.

“While your kids are allowing their body to rest, they can still be active,” notes Lexie. “Active rest includes getting exercise and increasing heart by doing something outside of typical workouts.” This can include walking, biking, or swimming.

One more thing… when it comes to injuries, make sure your young athlete isn’t playing through pain.

Allow adequate recovery time for sports injuries. If your child experiences an injury, have a trained professional examine them. To request an appointment with 321go Kids, simply fill out the form at

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