Will and Christy knew that their son Tytus dreamed of playing college football, and they understood that it was vital for him to be in top condition during the summer before his senior year. There was just one problem: Tytus’s body wasn’t cooperating. He was experiencing constant, nagging shin and knee pain. This pain was affecting his speed and agility… two vital aspects of success for his position as a wide receiver.

Will and Christy turned to the athletic training team at 321go for answers. Brett, Physical Therapist, and Lexie, Physical Therapy Assistant and Athletic Trainer, diagnosed the source of Tytus’s shin pain, and later his knee pain.

Then it was time to get to work. In addition to including rest and ice, 321go believes in active therapy for athletes. Tytus began working with Lexie to stretch and strengthen his legs. It wasn’t long before Tytus started to see results.

“I think for Tytus, his biggest victory has been being able to decrease his pain—on two separate occasions—and improve his form to decrease risk of injury in the future,” Lexie said. “Tytus was able to receive feedback and immediately put it into play—and this showed when it came to seeing results.”

For Will and Christy, the result was more than just healing Tytus’s legs, it was watching him develop an understanding of the need to seek help when he was in pain.

“Before bringing him to 321go, Tytus would often not tell us about injuries because he feared we would take him to a care provider that would sideline him for the season,” noted Christy. “Because 321go believes in balancing active therapy with rest, it never held him back in competing. Now he is willing to tell us when he isn’t feeling his best and needs to get treatment.”

As Tytus’s legs began to heal, he was able to perform at a high level and has several colleges interested in bringing him onto their teams. Furthermore, because his body is fully functioning, he starts on both offense and defense for the New Castle football team and recently scored three rushing touchdowns in one game.

“321go helped me prepare my body for a challenging season. I was able to heal my knee and shins and learn tips to prevent injuries. They also taught me some innovative icing techniques that I still use after a hard practice or a game,” Tytus shared. “I felt like they really cared about me and wanted to help me succeed, and that meant a lot.”

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