Therapists Brett and Diann have worked with four year old Brody since he was very young, before the opening of 321go Kids. Diann says, “In that time, I have seen Brody face and overcome some of his greatest fears. He is a happy little boy and always has a smile on his face. I feel he has taught me as much as I have taught him.”

From birth, Brody’s family knew about his diagnosis with Spina Bifida. “The doctors were unable to give a good idea of if he would be able to walk or what to expect. But they always wanted him to be able to reach his full potential,” Mike, Brody’s grandpa, explained.

Brody’s therapy goals reflect this goal of reaching his full potential. His family wants to see him walk and become more prepared for kindergarten through fine motor skills, learning colors and numbers, and being able to dress himself. Over time, they have been able to see Brody stand on his own for a short period, start dressing himself, learn more colors, and become more independent.

One story of his growth involves the swing. “Brody would not even look at the swing at first. He was terrified. If placed on it, he would hold tight to Diann until it was over. Now Brody can stand on his own on the swing with just the therapist behind him,” Mike shared.

In addition to these physical and occupation strides, Brody has shown an increase in social skills. One of his friends is fellow patient Aurelia. Mike described how Brody and Aurelia’s friendship began, “ Anytime Brody sees a new girl at 321go Kids whether it is a student or another child, he will show off by spinning in circles. He really liked when he and Aurelia were here at the same time. He spun for her and always gave her a big smile. They would usually work together while they were here with the different therapists. Swinging together, pushing a toy back and forth while they worked on separate goals.”

Brody and his grandpa are both glad for their experience with 321go. “It’s like angels sent to us,” Mike expressed. “Anybody can learn to do therapy, but to deliver excellent treatment you have to have the heart and passion. Lots of people may not understand all of the complexities a family with a special need child has. But 321go does. They always greet you with a smile and really care about your family.”

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